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antiharmonic number

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Hi admins! My new article ”antiharmonic number” turned invisible. When I deleted it, my score increased(!) 100 points. Then I wrote the article anew, the score increased again 100 points and the article is again invisible. There must be some system bug. Jussi

You earn 200 points!

Hi admins, making a new entry gives 100 points, deleting it also gives 100 points!! I have lately deleted one of my entries (getting 100 p) and made two test entries and deleted them (thus getting 400 p).

Please correct this system bug and subtract 500 points from me!


I’ll look into that shortly, thanks for the alert!


Jussi: it was the old classic, ”missing a minus sign”. Fixed now!

Thanks kindly!


Thanks Joe, it’s very good! I also have tested it. But please subtract the 500 gratis points of me!

Best wishes, Jussi

I don’t know about the deletion, but I can say why it is invisible. At the end of the second paragraph, the equation starts with a double dollar sign but ends with a single dollar sign. This is the TeX bug which is causing it not to render. Unfortuinately, as it stands now, when it runs across such a bug and cannot render the article, LaTeXML simply produces no output whatsoever rather than producing an error message which could help the user fix the problem or at least be made aware of what happened.

Thank you very much, rspuzio! You were right; I did’nt see the lacking dollar sign since I have only a 14”-monitor =o(

Regards, Jussi

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