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Bessel's equation

Bessel's function, Bessel function
Bessel's differential equation, Bessel equation
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Hi, experts of TeX! Rendering the entry "Bessel's equation" does not succeed in HTML mode; it forms great black blocks and the formulas after them are in a mess. I have tried to alter the preamble, but not succeeded. I think the below portion of the code causes the problem, but I cannot fix the thing =o( Please help!

[r^2-p^2]a_0 = 0,\\
[(r+1)^2-p^2]a_1 = 0,\\
[(r+2)^2-p^2]a_2+a_0 = 0,\\
\qquad \qquad \ldots\\
[(r+k)^2-p^2]a_k+a_{k-2} = 0.


the problem may be to do with the [ at the start of the lines

Try replacing [ with { [ } on lines 3,4,5,7 of your bit of code

Thank you very much, Silverfish! You are fully right, the bare square brackets are dangerous for rendering HTML mode.


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