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contraharmonic means and Pythagorean hypotenuses

contraharmonic integers, Pythagorean hypotenuses are contraharmonic means
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What means @@2@@? Sometimes, \PMlinkname{}{} produces such =o(

Maybe it will work if you use the canonical name PythagoreanTriple (instead of the non-canonical PrimitivePythagoreanTriplet).

Yark, I have already tried both names =o(

I don't know what the problem is, but I did some experiments and it seems that if you use \[ ... \] rather than $$ ... $$ in the line above then it works OK!

Yes, it is true, Yark, now it's o.k.! Thank you very much for your experiments! You are super -- I would never had discovered it! BTW, I have neve before used \[...\], only dollars =o)

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