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coordinate way

coordinate broken line
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I made a pstrics picture in the entry "coordinate way", and thereafter the entry text has mysteriously changed in page images mode to a text concerning some Gabor frames! HTML functions normally. Who can say what is wrongly and how the fault coud be corrected?

I've noticed things like that in my entries, too. Have you tried a rerender?


P. S. I'm coming back to the States this week.

Thanks Lisa,
I corrected the bad sentence structures in the entry, and now the rendering seems to work correctly!
Welcome home, I hope the Africa-journey was successful.

Glad to be home. Some days I felt like, "We're just one small organization, how could we possibly hope to make even a small dent in just one widespread problem in Africa!" Other days I felt more optimistic, thinking that if the percentages of HIV infections, female genital mutilations, miscarriages, SIDS, etc. go down even slightly, it was all worth it.

Now, to gradually get back on to the topic of these forums: in one village schoolhouse where we spoke at, I noticed a photocopied math textbook in French that said 1 is prime. Clearly the original is old. But it was enough for one night to tell them that their ideas on prenatal care are wrong. More girls are being taught math in Africa, but more progress remains to be made. Holding back girls (and boys too) is the lack of modern textbooks. Here are two organizations that are doing something about this:

And as Africa gains more reliable Internet access, perhaps PlanetMath could also play a role in this. Some African children are being taught English in addition to French.


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