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example of jump discontinuity

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Hi all adept graphists, please make a graph in the entry "example of jump discontinuity"! Also in "function x^x", it were nice to see the graph of the function.

Stevecheng has friendly made two fine graphs, in "function x^x" and "example of jump discontinuity". Especially the latter is superb, showing the unconventional behaviour of the function near the origin.
Thank you very much, Steve!


You're welcome. If anybody else would like some graphs for their entries, please feel free to ask also. (e.g. I think the entries on Riemann/Lebesgue integral / Riemann sum could seriously use some illustrations.)

// Steve

I've added you to my editor group. That gives you write access to all my entries --- feel free to add graphs wherever you think they would be appropriate.

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