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inflexion point

concave upwards, concave up, concave downwards, concave down, saddle-point, plain point (?)
second derivative, curvature
inflection point, point of inflection
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Mathematics Subject Classification

26A51 no label found53A04 no label found


Hi unlord, I have today edited the entry ”inflexion point” but the changes have not been registered. Jussi

That’s a new one, I’m not sure what to say. What happens if you make a trivial change like adding “test edit”? …

OK, I tried, and I got an error message that said the Parent article couldn’t be referenced. But I fixed that problem locally and I was able to edit the article. Can you delete the test edit I made to the last line? I think it should work now.

I’ll go into the database and fix the incorrect “parent” links globally.

Thanks unlord, Now the edit canges are normally registered. How about the diagrams made with the pstricks? For example in the entry ”inflexion point” the pstricks code does not work.

It certainly looks like it’s trying to render the article. I’ve asked here: so we should know soon.

Jac, it really seems that no pstricks images are now rendered. There are quite many such images here. Jussi


What I’ve least heard from the LaTeXML developers is as follows:

“Just to start getting you all excited for the various graphics goodies expected to land with the 0.8 release of LaTeXML, you can now enjoy a PSTricks proof-of-concept demo in the LaTeXML showcase: (select ”PSTricks Graphics” from the drop-down menu at the bottom-left)

Thanks to Joe for providing the example from PlanetMath and to Bruce for getting the dust off the pstricks binding.”

I think the 0.8 release will be soon.

The example is:


So at least that one example works. I think we’ll get them all sorted out fairly soon! -Joe

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