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New improved editor and faster page loads

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New improved editor and faster page loads

The text editor has been upgraded with working buttons. Pages should work much faster across the site. See “comment” box below for a live illustration!


Hi jac, I see that all figures in the entries cannot yet be seen rightly, especially the ones made with the pstricks (e.g. in ”cissoid of diocles”); in some cases as ”harmonic mean in trapezoid” the picture is right except that its letter symbols are not situated rightly. Some figure types, as in ”example of solving the heat equation”, are not seen at all. Does it still last long before the PM graphics system begins to function? Greeting, Jussi

I asked on the LaTeXML mailing list and the answer wasn’t… entirely clear. The last estimate was that this was coming this summer, but clearly it’s not entirely finished. Sorry about the delay. I’ll ask around and see if we can find a volunteer to focus on this aspect of development.

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