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Community Discussion on 4 January

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Community Discussion on 4 January

To start off the new year, we will be having a community discussion at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, 4 January 2014. This will be the 14th year of PlanetMath's existence and, during that time, much has happened and changed both at PlanetMath and elsewhere. Thus, in preparing for another year, one of the topics we may want to consider is the current state of affairs and our place in the scheme of things. To help get the discussion started, here are some questions to think and talk about:

How can we grow and sustain the PlanetMath community?

What other communities and websites related to free math are out there?

How can we connect to and collaborate with these communities?

How do we fit into the larger world of online mathematics and what roles can we play?

After the discussion, we will have a workshop session where we will start implementing suggestions made in the course of the discussion ans well as make progress on other projects of interest to the participants.

We will use skype as a medium; if you are interested in participating, contact Joe Corneli (Skype user name: holtzermann17) or Raymond Puzio (Skype user name: rspuzio).

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