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partial fractions of expressions and partition problems (recreational)

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Several of you have asked me why this entry does not render, so I thought it would be a good idea to give a general explanation. A few weeks back, there was a complaint about the fact that I had unfinished entry and this was not nice to the reader. Because of this, I now set the access off when working on an entry so that only reasonably complete and correct entries will be visible.

Don't yield to people who are being silly =)

This whole site is a work in progress, everyone should realize that. I would argue it is much better for you to make the entry visible, and say "this entry is still in progress and known to be incomplete" at the bottom or something.

PlanetMath was not really made for drafting, so non-readable entries are not handled too elegantly. If you want to draft, I suggest you use either a private collaboration object, or just work offline.



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