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path, arc, arcwise connected, initial point, terminal point
pathwise connected, path-connected, path connected
Type of Math Object: 
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Mathematics Subject Classification

54D05 no label found


This Saturday my group's going to Africa on a special humanitarian mission involving women's health and women's rights. I can't give any more details than that, some religious people disapprove of what we're doing and we've received death threats.

They tell me I'm gonna have Internet access in my hotel at all times, but even so I'm gonna be out in the villages most of the time, so I probably won't be logging on to this website at all for the next three months. I will try to check my Yahoo! e-mail every chance I get, but I can't make promises on that either. If you spot some serious mistake in one of my entries (something that causes wrong values) please do file a correction but understand that I may take even longer than usual to get around to fixing it.

Wish me bon voyage!

Have a fun and safe time!

Bon voyage!

Bon voyage! I wish that your work gives good results.

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