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prime factors of $x^n-1$

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Hi, many of the writers have perceived that if one has a longer entry (more than 50 lines or so), then the rendering makes automatically an empty line, perhaps on the 50th line (an example in the note 2 in Such an empty line may be a bit unaesthetic. How one could avoid it?

The "empty lines" only occur in page image mode. In page image mode, each image is the image of a page, including white space at the top and bottom of the page. This extra white space gives the appearance of empty lines between pages. There's no way to avoid it at present.

I have a simple solution for this problem. Just write less than
50 lines. :-)

Thanks Mathprof! Your advise is good -- it's true that many of us writes often too long entries which are heavy to read =o)

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